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Think on Your Feet® is the only business communication workshop that has taken into account the formal and informal communications in the workplace. This workshop provides 10 tools that help you think in a structured and clear manner and express your ideas faster even in the most difficult situations. Equipping yourself with the skills will enable you to organize your thoughts, think clearly and communicate them much faster. This internationally acclaimed communication workshop addresses the informal issues like unplanned meetings, minutes of meetings, project summaries, conference calls, elevator pitch, etc.

Think on Your Feet® was started by Dr. Keith Spicer, a renowned Canadian personality. The program was created for professionals which helped them master their thinking and public speaking skills. Today, Think on Your Feet® is accessible in over 30 countries and delivered in 12 languages. It has more than 200 affiliates, partners and trainers. Every day Think on Your Feet® is delivered somewhere in the world. Think on Your Feet® is the only workshop that trains you to Analyze, Organize and Present your ideas… FAST!

The Program can be delivered as a 8/16 hour workshop and can be customized. Now this internationally acclaimed workshop is also available through an interactive online medium.

  • - Improve the communication strategy in difficult situations
  • - Structure a topic into bite-sized chunks for easy retention.
  • - Present ideas clearly, concisely and memorably.