At SALESOXIGEN our endeavor is to combine our local market expertise and experience with the power of World class IP from the world's foremost Sales Performance Company The Miller Heiman Group(MHG).

Miller Heiman Group provides the best ideas, products and teams in the sales and service industry and offers the Be Ready Solutions. It is inspired by a combination of sales and service training and developed brands that you’ve relied on for years. They have a proud legacy built on the combination of the most experienced people in the business and the most trusted solutions in the market. Forged on trusted brands like Miller Heiman, Huthwaite, AchieveGlobal, ILS and solutions like SPIN® Selling Conversations, Strategic Selling,® Professional Selling Skills,® Large Account Management ProcessSM and Conceptual Selling®.

Miller Heiman Group transformation from a sales training company to a leading provider of business performance solutions allows them to build world-class sales and service organizations by improving their alignment and execution like never before-and like no one else in the industry. They have the expertise to help companies align to this new world order and have the solutions to help companies execute amidst this disruption.

Miller Heiman Group