Conceptual Selling® - It provides you with a customer-focused, collaborative planning process for anyone on your team who interacts with customers. Conceptual Selling sets a framework and methodology for good customer interactions that either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship.

Strategic Selling

Strategic Selling® (SS) - Immediately improve your company's ability to win complex deals with a consistent approach and sales strategy. Strategic Selling provides proven processes and a common language for consistently winning more deals.

Large Account Management Process

Large Account Management ProcessSM - Get your key players on the same page and have them focus collaboratively on goals and objectives. LAMP® provides a proven process and structure for sustainable success with key accounts and a customer-focused approach for long-term strategy development.

Professional Selling Skills

Professional Selling Skills® - Research-based solutions proven to provide skills to your sales team that will transform them into world-class sales professionals. Professional Selling Skills will get your team geared to deliver high-performance results.

SPIN® Selling Conversations

SPIN® Selling Conversations - Based on a proven approach to deepening sales conversations through advanced questioning skills. The training programs in SPIN Selling provide a comprehensive, structured approach to improving your team's ability to engage customers with insightful dialogue and plan the best strategy for advancing the sale.


Channel Success Essentials introduces Channel Enablers ChannelPRO™ methodology, a framework of key performance areas specifically developed to establish and evaluate effective partnering programs and strategies. The ChannelPRO™ framework is used to lead participants through a series of short workshop exercises in which participants evaluate their companies' partnering programs, processes and skills against industry best practices.